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Kristine Pettoni of Clarkston Consulting honored as Regional Leader of the Year.
Nearly 60 volunteer leaders developed new solutions at the NEW Regional Leaders Forum.
The Network of Executive Women honored NEW Cincinnati as its region of the year at the fifth annual NEW Celebrating Excellence Awards gala. The awards were presented Thursday evening, Sept. 29, 2016 at the NEW Leadership Summit 2016 in Orlando.
NEW volunteers are passionate about improving themselves, helping others and advancing gender equality in retail and consumer goods.
The NEW Annual Report provides a comprehensive record of NEW events, programs, outreach, content, partners, members, regions and financial results.
NEW regional groups bring our mission home to industry members in 21 regions across the U.S. and Canada. Run entirely by volunteers, our regions advance our mission, foster networking, reach out to college students, facilitate mentoring and recruit NEW members.
The Network of Executive Women presents news about gender equality in retail and consumer goods, insights on women’s leadership and diversity, blogs that illuminate your work and life, original research and reports, and three newsletters that report to you.  
NEW’s experience in women’s leadership, our exclusive focus on the retail and consumer goods, and our powerful community make us uniquely qualified to help drive gender parity and transform our industry’s workplace.