Darlene D'Souza

“True leaders inspire their teams and can see beyond the numbers and the day-to-day grind to create a long-lasting vision that guides their employees.

I’ve worked for incredible managers and have been guided by astounding mentors. Coaching and mentoring have allowed me to feel confident asking for new opportunities and to believe it’s really okay to fail and learn. As a manager, I try to be a servant leader helping others unlock their potential and be the best they can be.

There are few women in the c-suite or executive positions to mentor, coach and be role models for other women. To overcome this challenge, I’ve reached out to women in other organizations and to male leaders in my own organization. Men should take as much responsibility for advancing women as women do.

Studies show when women are at the top, business is better. I believe when we give people the opportunity to grow, the company grows as well. 

The biggest obstacle to gender diversity in the workplace is taking action to create change.”

Brand Manager
SC Johnson