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Our two signature National events are: NEW Executive Forum and NEW Leadership Summit.

The NEW Forum is an invitation-only retreat exclusive to executives within the ranks of our corporate partners. Forum is a trusted space for senior-level executives to converse honestly and act collectively with their peers.

NEW Summit is our pinnacle event each year and is open to all NEW members. Summit attracts 1300+ members and includes world-class keynotes, strategic networking and an IMPACT celebration to recognize the success of our volunteer leaders as they work to advance all women. Attendees leave energized, equipped, empowered and inspired!


“I enjoy the challenging topics at Forum and hearing how other organizations are tackling them. It is great to meet people but also good to have time to develop relationships with the other attendees from my organization.”

“One of the most important things I learned at NEW Exec Forum was that I need a personal mission and more diverse board of directors.”

“For the past 5 years the women I volunteer with in the Toronto region have become the ones that I have leaned on for support in the rough times at work and the ones I celebrated with in the good times. Those friendships, and the new ones that continue to grow, keep me engaged and make me want to continue to help other women in my community.”

Regional Events

“The Summit is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with amazing women from the industry and learn from each other. I always come home on an emotional high after this Summit and this year was not an exception! Inspiring, motivational, educational and FUN!”

“Such a huge eye opener for me. It has changed my thinking — about my job, how I show up and how I think about my future. Every woman deserves to attend the NEW Summit. You just can’t leave there the same...”

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