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NEW Summit Speaker Series

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The NEW Summit Speaker Series brings you proven career strategies from our most popular career experts. Hear real-world advice and motivating insights that will help you expand your leadership skills, seize new opportunities and gain the recognition you deserve.

Move your career forward during our 45-minute webinars on selected Wednesdays at 1 pm ET. NEW members may watch live on their own or with their team or view recorded sessions in our Study Hall.

NEW Summit Speaker webinar series

Members only, recommended for all levels
Select Wednesdays, 1 pm -1:45 pm ET

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January 11
The Secret to Growing Your Leadership
It’s time to take charge of your own career. Learn how to significantly improve your leadership skills and confidently drive your own career development. Talent developer Mary Walter will offer a proven approach for accelerating your leadership development and growth.

Mary Walter
Founder and Principal
Mary Walter Leadership

February 1
4 Types of Courage
Transforming yourself from a high-performing employee into an emerging leader takes strength, moxie, resilience and courage. Learn how to carve out a unique and valuable leadership niche, transition from doing to leading, influence upward and prepare to take career risks.

Jo Miller
Women’s Leadership Coaching

March 8
The Confidence Effect
We are all CEOs of our own lives. In this powerful webinar, human resources and talent leader Grace Killelea will offer strategies for taking risks and assuming leadership roles with self-assurance. Connect your competencies to your confidence — and transform yourself from the inside, out.

Grace Killelea
CEO and Founder
The GKC Group

April 12
Powerful Presence, Powerful Speaking
Want to be heard? It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Communications expert Stanley Zareff shares proven techniques for delivering a message with impact and credibility. Learn to make an outstanding first impression by entering a conversation effectively and presenting yourself in a compelling way.

Stanley Zareff
Managing Partner
Zareff Consulting

May 10
Competition Is Not a Dirty Word
Successful people are typically powerful, driven, ambitious, direct and competitive. But when women embody these characteristics, they are often judged as unfeminine, calculating and strident. Communication expert Peggy Klaus will share ways to flex your competitive muscles and express your ideas and accomplishments with warmth and strength. Learn to stand out from the pack and move into the leadership role you deserve.

Peggy Klaus
Brag! and The Hard Truth about Soft Skills

July 19
Ambition and the Passion to Grow
Identify your career ambitions and life goals — and learn to make them a reality. Women’s career expert Kathryn Heath offers strategies to tap into your passion and break the rules to grow professionally, while remaining true to your values.

Kathryn Heath, Ph.D.
Founding Partner
Flynn Heath Holt Leadership

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