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NEW Summit Speaker Series

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The NEW Summit Speaker Series brings you proven career strategies from our most popular career experts. Hear real-world advice and motivating insights that will help you expand your leadership skills, seize new opportunities and gain the recognition you deserve.

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NEW Summit Speaker webinar series

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January 16
Practical Inclusion
Dr. Shirley Davis
What drives real diversity and inclusion? During this webinar, you’ll hear the latest research on D&I, learn what strategies are most effective (and why so many fail) and discover what you can do to turn D&I initiatives into D&I reality.

February 20
Deep Down: From Communication to Connection
Colette Carlson
Clear communication is not enough to get results — you must connect if you are going to impact others. In this webinar, you’ll learn communication skills that drive productivity, engagement and collaboration and explore strategies to influence others and overcome conflict in a respectful, personal way.

March 20
Shift Your Brilliance, Amplify Your Impact
Simon T. Bailey
Learn to stay relevant and amplify your impact through massive upheavals in the workplace, marketplace, technology and society. Leadership expert Simon T. Bailey explores core principles for acquiring a visionary mindset and strategies to become a leader for the future.

April 17
How to Land It
Lisa Skeete Tatum
The founder of a technology platform designed to engage women and help enterprises attract and retain diverse talent reviews the tools, resources and connections you need to advance your career. You’ll discover how to align your career with your passions and gifts, navigate the new rules of self-promotion and create a personalized playbook to achieve your potential and change your career trajectory.

May 22
Amplifying Your Leadership through Currency and Change
Carla Harris
The vice chairman of Morgan Stanley and author of Expect to Win explores the crucial difference between performance currency and relationship currency, discusses how to manage and create change, and shows you how to be an impactful and influential leader while being true to yourself.

June 26
Become Self-Made and Live a Rich Life
Nely Galán
Self-made media mogul Nely Galán will share ways to cultivate a “self-made mindset” and open your eyes to the opportunities to become rich — in every way — while staying true to your personal values, culture and core beliefs.

July 10
How Women Rise: Breaking Habits that Hold You Back
Sally Helgesen
The co-author of How Women Rise explores the 12 habits most likely to undermine women as they rise in their organizations. Learn to identify the specific habits holding you back, how these habits can hinder you as you rise and behavioral tweaks that will help you become a better leader.