ADVanced Insights

What natural talents do you have? Why are you motivated to use them? How do you adapt when under stress? No one will ever be completely objective in their own self-assessment, but the answers to these questions are key waypoints on the path to career growth.

The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile answers the toughest questions we pose ourselves, and offers a clear path to self-improvement. It combines three well-known and highly rated strength-finding and motivator assessments:

•    The Attribute Index, which measures how you think and make decisions.
•    The DISC Index, which measures your preferred behavioral style.
•    The Values Index, which measures your motivational style and drivers.

Assessments are only one piece of the total package that helps explain your behaviors — and there are no “good” or “bad” profiles. The ADV helps you identify how to be your most authentic self, and shows you where you are adapting your behaviors so you can course correct.

This assessment is used in the following NEW signature programs:

•    Leadership Essentials
•    Add-on for the Career Accelerator Model (CAM) workshop
•    Member-benefit assessment

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CCL 360

Perhaps more than anyone, leaders need a clear picture of how they work with those around them. But honest feedback can be difficult to find, especially as a leader climbs the ranks of their organization.

The Center for Creative Leadership 360 Benchmarks by Design offers a snapshot of your behavior using feedback from those around you, provided in a safe, formal and anonymous environment to encourage honesty.  Get a fully rounded perspective on your leadership style, with your answers presented side-by-side with those of your co-workers, exposing your blind spots and opening your eyes. This assessment was specifically customized for NEW’s use ONLY.

This assessment is used in the following NEW signature programs:

•    Rising Stars
•    Executive Leadership Lab
•    Career Accelerator Model (CAM) Workshop






EQ-i 2.0

A person with high emotional intelligence has healthy emotional and social functioning. These skills are the bedrock of good leadership, not to mention personal happiness and self-fulfillment. The EQ-i 2.0 offers a dynamic model of your emotional intelligence through five composite scores and 15 subscales. Get a better picture of how your emotional intelligence measures up with this powerful tool.

This assessment is used in the following NEW signature programs:

•    Career Booster Workshop
•    Add-on for the Career Accelerator Model (CAM) Workshop