DEI&B Workshop Series

$5,000 per workshop, bundled options available. Includes 1 hr. consultation and minor changes, and 1 hour of editing work. Any additional customization is $300 per hour of work.
Program Dates
Who Should Attend

Leaders at all levels


Our DEI&B Workshop Series offers four unique opportunities for organizations to skill up employees in key areas of this increasingly important topic.

Managing Unconscious Bias
This interactive and engaging program teaches core principles about the nature. The experience explains that we all have bias and seeks to help participants recognize their own biases in an effort to better manage them within their work and life. 

Courageous Conversations about Race in America
This interactive and engaging program briefly examines elements of U.S. history to place current events into context.  It also facilitates discussion about participant worldviews and builds cross-cultural capability within common U.S. demographics. This workshop is adaptable for global-facing audiences.

Understanding Privilege
This interactive and engaging program teaches offers participants an in-depth understanding about “privilege.” It helps participants to identify and understand that everyone has some form of privilege, and guides participants to use their privilege to courageously make organizational and societal change. This workshop is adaptable for global audiences. 

Asked and Answered: Open Discussions About Race in America 
This workshop is a judgement-free zone! It opens the floor with a ‘no stupid questions’ mentality, allowing participants to ask any question about diversity in America that may be weighing on their minds. Questions are pre-submitted anonymously, allowing everyone to learn without feeling on the spot.