Marilyn Harris

“My career journey has been and continues to be challenging — and rewarding. 

Education — formal and informal — has been my primary career catalyst. I earned my executive MBA and several certifications, but perhaps more importantly, I’ve been mentored and managed by the best leaders in our organization. 

Being a double minority in this industry sometimes makes me a novelty in the room. But I’ve been unfazed by the obstacles. I’ve focused on what I knew I could do, as opposed to what other people thought I could or should not do.

I learned early on to not allow other people’s fears to keep me from trying to reach my goals. So, even when I didn’t have to full support of the people around me, I wouldn’t allow anyone to prevent me from moving forward with my purpose. I’ve been very confident in my ability to learn any role and prove that I could add value.

When it comes to equality in the workplace, networking groups that support and develop women leaders have been extremely beneficial. Also, workplace diversity and inclusion groups that provide awareness and sensitivity training, like LEAD — Link, Empower, Achieve and Develop — here at RaceTrac, are very effective.

Personally, my most important act for closing the gender opportunity gap is paying it forward by mentoring young women and women of color. I believe it’s my purpose to share what I’ve learned as I’ve succeeded, and more importantly, insights from my failures.

I want to do my part to ensure we are hiring and retaining bright and talented men and women so that when opportunities arise, women are in the running for growth opportunities.” 

Executive Director, Procurement and Energy/Sustainability Management
RaceTrac Petroleum