Our members receive multiple benefits, with exclusive access to:

The Network
NEW is a network that has your back. NEW over 14,000 members provide each other with vital inspiration, connections, support and advice.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development
NEW provides a leadership development ecosystem to support and supplement our members at every stage of their career.
Regional Events
Regional Events
Meaningful connections. Hundreds of events. On the go? Visit NEW across our 22 Regions!
Research & Insights
Proprietary and actionable insights on gender equality, talent management plus diversity & inclusion.
National Conferences
NEW Leadership Summit & Executive Forum are curated to inspire members to take action back to their workplaces, amplify their voices as advocates and grow their network.
Digital Learning
Digital Learning
NEW offers free live and on-demand webinars, including the NEW Leadership Academy and NEW Summit Speaker series
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of membership?

In addition to the various learning opportunities, NEW connects you to a network of over 14,000 professionals who can support your personal and professional advancement. Our members represent nearly 900 companies with 300 plus national and regional corporate sponsors that support leadership development and workplace transformation to achieve gender equality.

The depth of NEW's network and diverse programming offer limitless opportunities to advance and transform one's self and those around them.

Learn more about the benefits of NEW Membership.

How much does individual membership cost?

An individual NEW membership costs $249 for individual members and $149 for corporate members annually. Included in this membership is access to members-only events, discounts on regional events, access to career-accelerating programs and conferences, an expansive network, and more. All NEW members receive the same member benefits regardless of membership type, fee or region.

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If you are interested in joining as an organization, learn more about our Corporate Partnerships.

If I am not an executive, can I still join NEW?

NEW members represent the current and future leaders who share a passion for gender equality. They are women and men in diverse industries including retail, consumer goods, financial services and technology. NEW wants to empower those who are active role models in their organizations and leaders in their communities who are creating environments and workplaces with no limits.

NEW welcomes all! Membership is not limited to gender, job level, geographic location or job industry. NEW welcomes everyone to join us in our mission to advance all women.

NEW also has the backing and support of a number of generous companies. Learn more about our corporate partners here.

How can I get involved in my NEW Region?

Run entirely by volunteers, our regions advance our mission through programs and events that foster learning, networking and mentoring, as well as recruit NEW members. NEW members are eligible to serve in leadership and volunteer roles in our 22 regions, building new skills and making lasting connections.

Regional Committee roles cover such areas as programming, partnership, event marketing, sponsorship, membership growth, to name a few. Regional Board roles provide leadership opportunities to prepare for service on corporate boards and experience to build your resume. Volunteering at NEW can change the industry — and your career.

Visit our Regions page and contact us to learn more about NEW regional volunteer opportunities.

What is NEW corporate partnership?

Corporate partners are companies that contribute an annual fee and receive a designated number (determined by their level of support) of memberships for their employees. The commitment and contributions of NEW’s corporate partners showcases the support for innovative workplace transformation.

Learn more about Corporate Partnerships.

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