Ask your boss

Here’s a letter you can modify and send to your supervisor or training department explaining all the benefits you and your company will receive when you attend NEW Rising Stars 2019.



SUBJECT: Request to Enroll in NEW Rising Stars 2019

Month 00, 2018

Dear Supervisor,

NEW Rising Stars 2019 leadership development program.

I am ready to advance my career and further expand my leadership skills within our organization. I hope you agree.

NEW Rising Stars is a five-month program that trains tomorrow’s leaders by increasing self-awareness, building leadership skills and expanding business networks.

It includes a professional 360-degree assessment, a three-day in-person learning event this coming May in Nashville, three interactive webinars and one executive coaching session (with an option for more). See their agenda for exact dates.

NEW Rising Stars will give me a better awareness of my strengths and areas for development, plus an expanded network of industry peers.

Hundreds of mid-level leaders have taken the NEW Rising Stars challenge. Every one of the 2018 participants called NEW Rising Stars content “relevant.” Nearly 95 percent “would recommend NEW Rising Stars to other professionals at my level.”

Tuition for NEW Rising Stars is $2,995, including on-site meals and course materials. This is far less than other comparable non-industry specific courses.

I hope you will approve this request and help me advance myself, our team and our organization in the months and years to come.

Best regards,

Your Name

P.S. Please review this one-page NEW Rising Stars fact sheet for further details.