NEW stands in solidarity against racism

As an organization with a mission of Advancing All Women, NEW rejects racism and discrimination of any kind.

As many have said, simply not being racist is not enough – we must be vehemently anti-racist. This must be stated unequivocally: Black Lives Matter. NEW abhors violence against people of color. We stand in solidarity with black Americans who have been disrespected, attacked, and mistreated.

NEW’s mission to Advance All Women makes us sensitive to any circumstance where a person is treated with anything less than the dignity and respect they deserve – for their personhood, and for their life. We encourage our members to state the same, publicly, and take action in solidarity with black Americans in any way they can.

Providing support to women of color has always been part of our work, and it will continue to be a key part of NEW’s future. We must, and we will take action for positive change.