Angela Joyner

Angela Joyner is founder of The Wonder Loft LLC. She has been recognized by Black Health Magazine as one the 25 Most Influential African American in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Health Food Industries. 

For many women in their 40s and 50s, midlife can be a lot like our teenage years. We’re wiser, and may not hang out late with friends, but we can experience the same restlessness and yearning for change.
If time were an animal, it would be on the endangered species list. At least, that’s how it seems: Too much to do, too many places to be, too little time to do it all.
Asking for what you want is an empowering act. But the power of asking depends on knowing what you want and fully believing you deserve it.
Much like a computer, your brain responds to programming. But reprogramming your thinking is a lot harder than upgrading your computer -- many of your current unwanted behaviors stem from unconstructive programming you received as a child, and these old ideas can stand in the way of change.