James Dallas

James Dallas is president of James Dallas & Associates and the author of Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change: Inspire the People and Succeed Where Others Fail.

Do you recognize — and like — the person you are in the workplace?
Leaders set big, specific goals; overcome doubt; and learn from their mistakes.
To get ahead, you have to deal with people who get on your nerves.
When demands are coming from all directions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
Great leaders use each change, challenge and controversy as learning and teachable moments.
One of the things that life guarantees, regardless of who you are, is that you will face times of uncertainty. That uncertainty can bring on fear, doubt and depression.
“You can’t do it.” “You’re crazy.” “You aren’t smart enough.” “You’re different and you don’t belong.” “It will never happen.” “Why do you want to do that?”
When leading change, leaders should be on the alert for people who feel change will adversely affect their power, prestige or both.
To survive and thrive, every organization must know how to navigate change. Unfortunately, 75 percent of change initiatives will fail, according to McKinsey & Co.
To get into the c-suite or boardroom, women must S-E-E their way there — with sponsors, executive presence and exposure.