Ambassador Spotlight: Nikisha McDonald

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Nikisha McDonald

"I enjoy being able to share external development and networking opportunities within my company."


Name: Nikisha McDonald
Global HR Manager, Walgreens Boots Alliance 

Ambassador Since: November 2020 


What interested you in becoming an ambassador for NEW? 

I was introduced to NEW in August during the pandemic when everything went virtual and I knew then this was a great time to learn about the different organizations Walgreens partnered with. Joining NEW was seamless and great, I received ongoing notifications about what events were taking place and I started to build a great networking circle. Being fairly new to NEW I wish I had known about this organization earlier on in my career, and I wanted to make sure I could share upcoming events or promote membership within my company, if I could possibly reach someone who is early in their career to take advantage. I am such huge fan of professional development and building a network that will help you grow, and I truly believe NEW does this.


What are the unique ways you bring the NEW mission to life inside your organization? 

Since joining NEW I am now the lead over our Women’s ERG External Partnership pillar. Being in this role has allowed me share to over 500+ employees on a weekly basis the events that NEW has for members and non-members.  


Does your company have any specific diversity, equity & inclusion goals? If so, how does a NEW partnership help achieve them? 

Yes, NEW aligns with WBA by providing an inclusive climate where we can be our authentic selves, speak up, actively listen, and experience a sense of belonging.


How has being a NEW member and ambassador empowered you professionally? 

NEW has allowed me to grow professionally. I am not only an ambassador but the Learning Event Co-Lead for the Chicago Region, which at first was a stretch goal for me learn more about marketing an event, and then shortly after I was moved into a lead role, which I really enjoy. Being an ambassador and part of leadership has allowed me to extend my professional network and gain additional skills I would have not learned in my day to day career. 


 Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.  

 In August of 2020 I started a role back in Global HR which has always been my passion. 


What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended?  

 It has been hard to name just one event, but I would have to say the top two events that I would say are:

  • Empowered Women Empower Women 

  • You create an inclusive climate where we can be our authentic selves, speak up, actively listen, and experience a sense of belonging


What other activities, aside from being an amazing ambassador, do you enjoy in your free time?  

  • Pre-COVID: I loved traveling. During the summertime in Chicago I loved visiting different street fairs and what not. 

  • Post-COVID: Surprisingly I didn’t think I would be into binge watching shows but that is new and trying to stay active during a time that I am home mostly. 


Finally, any funny stories about your time with NEW?  

I am not sure its funny but its strange how joining a group during a pandemic and being able to build a strong network without physically meeting in person has been different. Its almost like an episode of Catfish but we have had the opportunity to all video conference many times.  😊 

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