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Here are 10 of our favorite takeaways from the NEW Leadership Summit 2018, September 26-28 in Chicago.

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1. Only 60 percent of the women and men responding to a NEW survey said they have work/life balance. Companies need to offer programs that support better work/life integration.
Subriana Pierce, Managing Partner, Navigator Sales & Marketing

2. To keep women from leaving their jobs, companies must do a better job of supporting them through their personal and professional pivot points.
Sarah Alter, President and CEO, NEW

3. Women can have 80 to 90 percent of the skills in the job description and not take the role. Men can have less than 50 percent and step up and take the job. Because they know someone will be there to coach them.
Hattie Hill, President and CEO, WFF

4. For all of you who are multicultural and feel, “I’m being too loud. I can’t wear this or that,” if you’re not speaking up, using what you do, your company is not taking advantage of what you know.
Nely Galán, media pioneer and author

5. Companies need to build trust with Millennial employees to build trust with consumers.
Julie Niehaus, Category Account Executive, Procter & Gamble

6. When people are in an environment where they can bring their whole self to work, they learn to be a vitamin, not just an aspirin. When people love what they do, it’s not so much about what they are getting paid, it’s about what they are becoming.
Simon T. Bailey, coach and author

7. None of us work in a silo anymore. We work in highly interdependent environments. If someone perceives they know you, they believe they can impact your success.
Carla Harris, Vice Chair, Morgan Stanley

8. All of our regional leaders are doing heroic work — planning outstanding events that teach women and men new leadership skills, spread awareness of the career barriers women face, and spur thousands of new professional connections every year.
Beth Marrion, NEW Vice Chair for Regions and Managing Director, Accenture

9. Individually, women do not have the power to close the gender money gap. It’s a lot harder to say, “No” to a diversity group that is engaging positively with the management team and talking about the gender pay gap.
Sallie Krawcheck, Founder and CEO, Ellevest

10. No one person, no one company or organization can advance all women to the degree they should be. It’s going to take all of us to make any progress.
Sarah Alter, President and CEO, NEW

NEW is here to help you address the challenges and implement the solutions discussed at the NEW Leadership Summit 2018. Contact us and we can help you build a plan to move forward.

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Barb Grondin Francella is communications and engagement manager at the Network of Executive Women.

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