Neena Newberry

Neena Newberry is president of Newberry Executive Solutions. A former Deloitte executive, she is an executive coach who helps women "think and play big."

Prioritize your work, know your value, don't wait for feedback and network.
Men and women are not using their voices equally, a barrier to women's leadership.
When you feel disappointed, it can be hard to see past it. But it's possible.
Great leaders create an environment in which employees feel inspired and empowered.
Have you ever had one of those moments when someone tells you that something you said made a real difference in his or her life? Maybe it’s a conversation you don’t even remember, but it helped the other person make a change or shift their perspective.
Some high performers have a surprising blind spot. They excel in many areas. They advance and get raises. But a gap in their people skills holds them back from being as successful as they could be.
We all encounter difficult people or situations that leave us frustrated, especially as we’re trying to get more done with fewer resources. Fortunately, you get to choose how you want to show up regardless of how others show up.
Here’s a situation I encounter often: A client wants something at work, whether it’s a raise, a new leadership role, a coveted assignment or the go-ahead to launch a new project. She knows that what she wants is reasonable and workable. But she won’t ask for it.
Passion motivates us to work hard, to innovate, to drive changes and to accomplish more than we ever thought we could. However, when overused, it can intimidate or drive people away. Is your passion working for or against you?
We all have setbacks. What matters in the long run is how we bounce back.