4 ways to hire amazing people

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Good leaders are quick to acknowledge that success is driven by their teams. Every business situation calls for different types of talent and there is no more critical act than identifying who you need — and finding them.

As CEO of Yes to Inc. and now H2O+ Beauty, I’ve had to build company teams capable of turning around business and growing it through risk taking and out-of-the-box thinking.

Here are four strategies that have worked for me:

1. Use more than one approach to recruiting.

Try unconventional routes. Good talent is not always in the market and has to be sought; use your network. Recruit for behavior and skills, not industry knowledge. Industry knowledge can be taught, so hire someone who fits the company’s culture and mindset. In a turnaround situation, I look for someone who wants to win and is creative and flexible.

2. Complement strength.

Look for talent that complements you or others on the team. My team is diverse in approach and background and we are all good at different things or ways of doing things. This is how to strengthen a company's competency.

3. Adapt the organization to the talent.

Sometimes the talent you have is not perfect for the role. To leverage skills and experience, adapt the role. I have done this many times and it works. Caution: Don’t settle; ensure the role adaptation is good for the company.

4. It’s okay if it’s not forever.

Great talent is hard to keep if there aren’t opportunities for them to advance in the company. It's okay for stars to leave to grow. At some point, if you support their goals, they will come back to you when there is a place for them. I have many examples of that and it is rewarding to see your talent grow and flourish to do great things.

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Joy Chen is the chairman and CEO of H2O+ Beauty. She previously served as CEO of Yes To Inc. and spent 17 years at The Clorox Company.

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