Sarah Alter

Sarah Alter is president and CEO of Network of Executive Women, whose 12,000 members represent 950 companies and 115 corporate partners in 22 regions in North America.

Companies need to back up their words with decisive action, in a very public way.
Don't assume all women’s workplace experiences are the same, NEW report says.
The solution to pay inequality is simple, but not easy to accomplish.
Companies must create workplaces that leverage women's leadership skills.
Companies are losing women leaders who would be well-positioned to move up.
Men can ensure their company's leadership is gender diverse by mentoring or sponsoring women.
A company's ability to create an inclusive workplace starts with a few words.
Gender parity will only be achieved if top leadership strongly advocates for change.
Today's workplace demands leadership skills like empathy, humility and vulnerability.
Conversation about gender, race, immigration and other sensitive topics has entered the workplace.