Tricia Molloy

Tricia Molloy is a leadership expert, former NEW Summit speaker and author of Working with Wisdom.

Do you suffer from compassion fatigue? Also known as secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue was first diagnosed in nurses and other healthcare workers back in the 1950s.
Grumpy, making mistakes, inhaling sweets? What’s your warning sign when you’re out of balance?
It's easy to equate busyness with productivity and importance, when that’s often not the case.
Are you controlling your technology or is it controlling you?
Others' workplace stress can affect your health. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.
Mindfulness. It’s the big buzzword these days, like kale and quinoa. But is mindfulness just a passing fad or a significant shift in consciousness designed to save us from the burnout of our high-tech, 24/7 existence? I believe it’s the latter.
Work/life balance is a common plea of overworked and overwhelmed employees.
When you care more about recharging your digital devices than yourself, it’s time to take a break.