passport laying on the map
"I have an opportunity to work outside the country for two years, a role that would lead to significant advancement. How do I weigh the pros and cons of accepting, but uprooting my family?"
smiling confident woman
"I'm the new leader of a team that has worked together for a while. How do I get to know them and gain confidence in their abilities without stepping on toes?"
tough situation at work
"Sometimes situations in the workplace are very stressful or emotional. Is it okay to cry at work?"
decline a promotion image
"How do I say 'no thanks' to a promotion without removing myself from consideration for other opportunities?"
career in retail image
"What advice do you for a young woman who wants to be well positioned for a career — not just a job — in retail?"
women leaders help other women image
"Women promoted to executive roles at my company seem to do little to sponsor other women. Why is that?"
present myself confidently image
"What can I do to improve my communication skills and present myself more confidently at work during brainstorming sessions and other meetings?"
Working mom image
"I am a mid-level manager and working mom. With young children at home, I'm not sure I want to aggressively pursue a promotion that would require more travel, but I don't want to close doors to future opportunities. Do you have any advice?"
tired of speaking image
"I am the only woman of color on my team. During discussions I am sometimes asked to 'speak for all women' or all women of color. How can I address this without devaluing my insights and contributions to the team?"