René Robers
Our Member Spotlight this week is René Robers, NEW Cincinnati! René loves "to connect with other women outside my organization...we learn so much from one another and it’s also a joy to share skills and ideas to inspire others, while building relationships on the foundations of this work."
Member Spotlight – Lebbiona Couch-Askew, NEW Carolinas
Our Member Spotlight this week is Lebbiona Couch-Askew, NEW Carolinas! Lebbiona tells us that she most treasures "the genuine relationships that I have built and the careers that I have been able to help establish or grow" from her NEW experiences.
Leading with Empathy
Work and the nature of the workplace will never be the same. In the face of adapting to the adversity presented by COVID-19, we are changing the way we work, live and interact with one another. This may be a hard line in history, which we’ll think of in terms of “before” and “after.”
Image of Elizabeth Braciak
NEW's first Member Spotlight is Elizabeth Braciak of NEW Western Michigan! She says that "NEW has provided me with relationships that extend well beyond membership...NEW has allowed me to bring my whole self to work and engage with people at a deeper level."
Equal Pay Day
“Equal pay for equal work” — the constant refrain of working women from the early 19th century. This powerful motto speaks to the simple fact that no one should be paid less for their work on the basis of gender. 
Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Right to Vote
Are we finally at a tipping point for true gender equality? Kate Isler’s LinkedIn article, Modernizing the manifesto to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, features the Declaration of Sentiments that came out of the first formal meeting to discuss women’s rights in Seneca Falls,…
Whether you’re on your way up the corporate ladder or are simply determined to succeed in your current position, joining a mastermind group is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.  By dedicating a few meaningful hours per month to your group, you’ll gain a secret ingredient for better…
What's holding men back
We’re in a critical moment when it comes to advancing women in the workplace. Leaders in most companies agree that women’s leadership is worth pursuing. They’ve given the green light for women’s initiatives and programs. Yet, the number of women in senior leadership and C-Suite positions is largely…
Do you suffer from compassion fatigue? Also known as secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue was first diagnosed in nurses and other healthcare workers back in the 1950s.
Our Takeaways from #NEWSummit2019
Now that Summit is over, Nicole Wright (Acosta, NEW North Texas) and Desiree Frey (T-Mobile, NEW Pacific Northwest) are sharing their conference experiences. These members are very active within the organization and served as the social media correspondents for the event.