Diverse people artwork
My prediction for D&I progress in the next five years: We have two options — we can stay stuck or we can do it differently.
woman holding head
Try these three steps to overcome perfectionism and be more productive.
Woman leading a group forward
Employees are hesitant to push themselves unless they know they're supported.
Woman leading meeting
Insecurity and uncertainty stifle many women's executive presence.
Woman walking up steps
Ambivalence, discontentment and disappointment get dragged into work every day.
Strong women
Companies need to back up their words with decisive action, in a very public way.
Three white people
Many organizations struggle with unconscious bias when hiring employees.
Woman with man's hand on her shoulder
Harassment should not be tolerated, but not every situation is the same.
Woman thinking
Thinking with our heart means making decisions based on how we are feeling, not just the facts.
puzzle pieces
Prioritize your work, know your value, don't wait for feedback and network.