Hispanic woman
It’s not difficult to champion equality, if you’re willing to admit what you don’t know.
Woman with tattooed arms
Bringing your true self to work may feel risky, but it will make you happier.
Woman executive
Companies must create workplaces that leverage women's leadership skills.
Woman covering her mouth
Men and women are not using their voices equally, a barrier to women's leadership.
Card with question mark on it.
Under pressure or time constraints, many leaders fall away from coaching mode.
Woman standing in front of black board
We adopt "high power" or "lower power" behaviors, sometimes subconsciously.
Girl Scouts and Kellogg execs
Kellogg and Girl Scouts partner to offer leadership skills-building to future leaders.
woman with head on the desk
It's easy to equate busyness with productivity and importance, when that’s often not the case.
Rachel Mushahwar
This Intel executive shares her key takeaways from NEW's annual senior leadership conference.
Indra Nooyi
Companies are losing women leaders who would be well-positioned to move up.