Woman executive
Leadership isn’t bestowed on you by title or function; it’s something you earn.
Diverse group of young women
Biases and assumptions lead to excluding people from fully contributing to an organization.
Money on a silver platter
One question opened my eyes and set me up for a successful career.
Puzzle piece
Small shifts in conversation can make you a much more effective mentor.
Young woman waiting for interview
A company's ability to create an inclusive workplace starts with a few words.
Woman with cape shadow
There's much more to "dіvеrsіtу" than gender and color of someone's skin.
Glasses and sunset
When you feel disappointed, it can be hard to see past it. But it's possible.
Two women face off
To get ahead, you have to deal with people who get on your nerves.
Happy woman
Women talk about their careers much differently (and less effectively) than men do.
Woman sitting alone on row of chairs
In a job interview, pay attention to everything — body language, silence and over-talking.