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Hear their stories. Walk in their footsteps. Learn from their experiences and get their advice. NEW’s diverse community of bloggers include subject matter experts, industry leaders like Grace Woo and diversity champions. They’re your mentors, your role models and your friends.

It’s been proven over and over: The strongest companies have the most inclusive corporate cultures.
What happens when high-achieving behaviors turn into overachieving behaviors?
I remembered being a girl scout in 1967, when it was my refuge from bigotry, cliques and aloneness.
Are you happy with your job, your career trajectory? Create the life you want.
Race. Racism. Bias. Privilege. Words that provoke powerful emotion in almost every American.
Hands shaking? Technology glitch? Drawing a blank? Here's what to do.
What's holding you back from achieving your career goals? It could be your biggest opportunity.
Building a culture of trust and motivation is a two-way street that depends on communication.
Nearly half of Americans in their 40s and 50s are caring for their parents and their children.
What happened in Charlottesville is nothing less than an attack on diversity and humanity.