woman with head on the desk
It's easy to equate busyness with productivity and importance, when that’s often not the case.
Rachel Mushahwar
This Intel executive shares her key takeaways from NEW's annual senior leadership conference.
Indra Nooyi
Companies are losing women leaders who would be well-positioned to move up.
Woman's shadow
Leaders set big, specific goals; overcome doubt; and learn from their mistakes.
Group from Altria
Altria's Women in Sales Network is changing the way people work together.
Woman thinking at desk
When it comes to asking for what you deserve, do you fear being judged as greedy?
Hands clasping
Pay attention to things that may not directly impact you and build a new leadership skill.
Close up of Asian man
Men can ensure their company's leadership is gender diverse by mentoring or sponsoring women.
Woman executive
Leadership isn’t bestowed on you by title or function; it’s something you earn.
Diverse group of young women
Biases and assumptions lead to excluding people from fully contributing to an organization.