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‘Accelerators’ report outlines 13 success factors for women

The Network of Executive Women and the Center for Creative Leadership have published a new report designed to "advance women into leadership roles and develop more inclusive and vibrant leadership" in the retail, consumer goods and services industry.

"Accelerators: Critical Competencies for Women Leaders in Retail and Consumer Goods" details the Network's NEW Career Accelerator Model.™ The model identifies 13 success factors critical to the success of industry women and is based on insights gathered from more than 1,200 NEW members and supporters.

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The NEW Career Accelerator Model™ is the foundation for new workshops and other resources developed by the Network as part of its expanded learning and leadership development initiatives. The learning expansion supports the Network's newly launched "It's Time" Movement for women's leadership and workplace transformation.

"Our 'Accelerators' report outlines the leadership skills women need to advance," NEW President and CEO Joan Toth Toth said. "But we know women alone cannot move the needle on women’s leadership. Our organizations, our industry and our society must step up to create a level playing field for everyone." Toth said the report and other new initiatives support the Network's new vision of "an industry workplace with no limits."

The report identifies eight critical competencies shared by effective leaders: Develops and empowers others; develops and empowers teams; strategic planning; communication; inspires commitment; leads change; has political skills; and is results oriented.

Derailment occurs when a leader’s career potential is limited by misalignment between an executive's job requirements and skills. The three "classic” derailment factors detailed in the report are: Problems with relationships; difficulty changing or adapting; and a narrow functional orientation. Two additional factors identified by the report's research are: Fails to manage career and does not take risks.

"Accelerators" was created by NEW and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to "advancing the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide." The report is based on current research literature, existing data from thousands of women and men in the retail, consumer goods and services industry, and insights developed through new industry surveys and focus groups conducted by NEW and CCL.


 Accelerators report

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