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‘Clarify your values,’ small biz experts agree

katrinahahn.jpeg“Identify and stay true to what makes you unique. Even when it's hard. Even when it means saying 'no' to an opportunity,” Katrina Hahn, vice president of sales for Bare Snacks, advised entrepreneurs during the third NEW Small Business Leadership webinar, Nov. 9, 2016.

Hahn, who also serves as a NEW Ambassador and regional leader for NEW Denver, joined session facilitator Debbie Wildrick, chief strategy officer of MetaBrand, for "From Small to Big: Company Leadership and Culture," to share strategies for defining and leveraging company culture for business success.

Clarifying vision, mission and values is key to any company's leadership and cultural success. For Hahn and Bare Snacks, "We will be true to ourselves and we will be able to maintain the culture that we believe in so strongly."

"Every minute, a new business starts in the U.S.," Wildrick said. "And when we think about company culture, it's about addressing the consumer, and a cause or a story."

Other key takeaways include the importance of:

  • Knowing that your company's youngest consumers don't know life without technology
  • Identifying your company's SWOTs – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Knowing your "why" and how that shapes your business strategy
  • Moving into real ways of scaling your business – knowing 'where to go from here'