Dorie Clark: You need to stand out to get ahead

Dorie Clark: You need to stand out to get ahead

Becoming a known quantity can help you get a job, or push your career farther, personal branding expert Dorie Clark told online attendees during the third NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar, April 20, 2016.

Clark, the author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, led the one-hour session "The Power of Your Ideas: Become a Recognized Expert." To be recognized and valued as an expert, Clark recommends building your network, sharing your ideas, opening yourself up and building a “mentor board of directors.” Ask yourself, “Who are the people who have one skill I value?” and “Who are the most critical three to five people in my network?"

Be proactive in your engagement — and reach out to the far reaches of your company — to "bridge structural holes," Clark advised. “Invite somebody outside of your organizational function to lunch.”

Standing out at work doesn’t require a steady stream of original ideas, she noted. An effective way to innovate is to find and share existing, but underappreciated, concepts. "You don't have to have a brilliant idea in your back pocket," she said.

Communicate to educate

"Since we are doing 'work of the mind,' it's difficult for others to evaluate how good you are," Clark said. "If you can speak well and speak confidently, people really value that as a leader"

Don't be daunted by the vagueness of "executive presence," Clark counseled. "Appearance is the first — but also the smallest — piece of executive presence. Much bigger are the other two pieces: gravitas and communication skills."

When engaging others outside of work, Clark recommends digging deeper than asking stock conversational questions. "Instead of asking 'What do you do for a living?' ask 'What are you most excited about?'"

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