Eager to advance? Show it

Eager to advance? Show it

"Don't wait for permission — or an invitation — to lead," career coach Jo Miller told online attendees during the year's second NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar, Feb. 1, 2017. 

Miller, CEO of Women's Leadership Coaching, led the one-hour session "4 Types of Courage." Miller shared advice for professionals eager to transition from high-performing employees to emerging leaders.

Knowing your professional "superpower” is key to career success, but tying that to your employee’s mission is critical. "If you try to build a career only around your passion and talents, it could be an expensive hobby," Miller said. "Understand your leaders and their goals."

Seek opportunities to demonstrate your abilities, Miller advised. "Look for ways to lead. You'll find them everywhere."

Miller offered these tips for pushing a career forward:

Own your niche. Active re-branding may be necessary, Miller noted. "Remember to say 'no' to the roles, tasks or challenges that aren't in your niche."

Rewire your thinking. Transition from doing to leading – go from executing to envisioning, she said.

Focus on the journey. "Don't let the 'get 'er done' mentality get in the way of you being able to move ahead," Miller cautioned.

Confront with dignity. "Don't react out of anger or frustration," Miller advised. "Demonstrate warmth and authority. Show that you're not a pushover."

Influence upward. "Master the 'meeting before the meeting,’" to pre-sell big ideas, Miller advised, adding women should note and work to complement their leaders' communication styles.

Speak up for yourself. "Know the right time and place to challenge your leaders, but don't be afraid to have conversations," Miller said. "Speak at a high level about the situation, but answer questions with detail."

Take your courage. "Be preemptive in claiming credit for your work more frequently," Miller said. "Share your wins."

"Come to work every day knowing you get to be a leader if you choose," Miller said.

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