NEW, Accenture and Mercer team on gender research

NEW, Accenture and Mercer team on gender research

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NEW has partnered with Accenture and Mercer to examine gender equality in the retail, consumer goods, technology and financial services workplace.

The research — based on NEW partner data, interviews and a survey of 1,300 NEW members — will be included in an upcoming NEW position paper outlining the way forward for gender equality and diversity and in a special report on “pivot points,” which will focus on the career-changing choices women make. 

Research results will also be used to develop and pilot NEW learning programs and corporate solutions next year. “This research will outline NEW’s perspective and an action plan for achieving gender equality and diversity in our industry,” said NEW President and CEO Sarah Alter. “To close the gender gap, the industry must commit to systemic change. A key element of this change is supporting women during significant career and life pivot points, such as relocation, promotion, childbirth or illness.” 

The position paper and special report will be published in early 2018.