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NEW Chicago shares life-stage lessons

Barb Millen of Unilever, Teresa Carson of The Coca-Cola Company and Jane Bullinger of Nestlé Waters NA welcome fellow leaders to the NEW Chicago event.

More than 150 NEW members and supporters shared insights with peers in similar personal and professional life stages at the NEW Chicago mixer, Aug. 18, 2016 at PepsiCo Inc. in Chicago.

Attendees were welcomed by PepsiCo NEW Ambassador Emma Smith, senior director, sales strategy; and Rose Bollman, the company's senior vice president of sales and nutrition for North America. They were then grouped at 16 tables, each representing a critical life stage, including early career, mid-career, dual-income and late-career groups. Discussion at each addressed three key questions:

  1. Why did you choose to join the "sort" you are in?
  2. At this life stage, what can you give others?
  3. At this life stage, what do you need from others?

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Members gained insights from their peers’ personal experiences, including:

Professionals seeking career opportunities
Be confident with what you know.
Leverage your knowledge to make a connection.

Mid-career millennials
Share the power of positive feedback — help women eliminate negative internal professional dialogue that can hinder potential.

New parents
Speak up, let others know you have a new reality.
Be and show you are ready to negotiate your new reality collaboratively.

Dual-income, married household professionals
It's okay to outsource.
Make technology your friend.
Leverage home food-delivery apps to allow more personal freedom.

Generation X mid-career professionals
Be both mentor and mentee.
Benefit from group mentoring.

Mid-career professionals
Mentoring comes from everyone and from all levels.

Dual working professionals with preschoolers
Ask, stand up and push the boundaries to integrate work and life — don't be afraid of what co-workers think if you need to leave early or come it late.

Late-career professionals
Have a mentor from every decade for your personal board of directors.
Embrace positivity, be your authentic self, share inspiration and keep dreaming.

NEW Chicago launched a group mentoring program at the event.