NEW deploys top down, bottom up strategy

NEW deploys top down, bottom up strategy

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NEW is working from the C-suite down and the grassroots up to move the needle on gender equality. NEW 2018 initiatives include expansion into the financial services and tech sectors, new insights and corporate solutions, and outreach to new allies.

The NEW strategic initiatives funded in part by the $5 million NEW Future Fund capital campaign — include a “Blueprint for Action” being shared with NEW donors and a raft of new insights and corporate solutions that identify and target specific challenges, pain points and solutions to drive gender equality.

Other NEW insights include “The Female Leadership Crisis” report released in March, a NEW position paper on gender equality and upcoming research reports on “Pivot Points” and “Women of Color.”

“These diversity insights and corporate solutions reflect the needs of our partners and a sharper focus at NEW,” President and CEO Sarah Alter said. “We believe that while a few companies have figured out how to reach gender parity in their organizations, many are still struggling. NEW’s experience and expertise have given us the opportunity, and the duty, to bring these insights and solutions to our partner companies.”

New sectors and allies

Alter noted that NEW has expanded its scope this year, “reaching out to the financial services and tech sectors so closely aligned with our core retail and consumer goods industries.” The change is even reflected in the NEW’s logo, which no longer features the term “Retail, Consumer Goods and Services.”

NEW is forging new alliances and reaching out to new audiences to broaden its impact, Alter said. NEW has taken an active role in CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, partnered with gender equality and diversity organizations, including Catalyst, and conducted panels — at the National Retail Federation Big Show, Natural Products Expo West and Shoptalk — to educate executives on gender equality and meeting potential new partners.

NEW continues to build its infrastructure, technology and community to better serve its growing constituency, Alter noted. “We will have a lot of exciting changes in the coming year,” she said. She cited new pilot career development initiatives, increased infrastructure, improved tech platforms, expanded community services and a membership growth plan.

“We are very excited to help our partners and members as they lead the transformation underway in American business,” Alter said. “The time is so right for gender equality and for NEW.”