NEW Toronto named Region of the Year at NEW Summit

NEW Toronto named Region of the Year at NEW Summit

New Toronto reps win award

The Network of Executive Women honored NEW Toronto as its region of the year at the sixth annual NEW Celebrating Excellence Awards gala. The awards were presented Thursday evening, Sept. 28, 2017 at the NEW Leadership Summit 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The awards celebrated the leadership and achievements of more than 700 volunteers furthering NEW's mission throughout 21 regions across North America. Kristine Pettoni of Clarkston Consulting received the Bobbie O'Hare Award as Regional Leader of the Year for 2017. Pettoni serves as co-secretary for NEW Atlanta.

Pettoni_LeaderoftheYear.jpg“Kristine is one of the most committed, resourceful and organized regional leaders we have,” said NEW Vice President of Member and Regional Services Stephanie McFee. “She is the model of what a NEW leader — any leader today — should be: Smart, dedicated, inclusive, connected and technically savvy."

Petttoni was recognized for streamlining processes, redesigning regional leader roles and creating new tools and templates that NEW has shared across it’s regions. “She has helped engage men, next generation and multicultural leaders in her region,” McFee said. “She’s strategic — and passionate.”

Speaking of Region of the Year NEW Toronto, NEW Regional Advisory Chair Marla Thompson said, “This region multitasked their way to success. They had a huge focus on diversity and inclusion, and one of their most popular events included a ‘he-for-she’ roundtable with four male executives. They got creative with venues and in-kind donations and passed the savings on to their attendees.

“Like NEW, this region is not afraid to reinvent itself, keeping what’s important, discarding what’s not, and rethinking and retooling everything.”

Regional achievements honored

NEW also presented seven group achievement awards, including the inaugural Inclusion Excellence Award, presented to NEW Mid-Atlantic. The region’s events featured diverse presenters and activities that appealed to emerging and mid-level leaders. NEW Mid-Atlantic has also embraced inclusion in its leadership, which includes two male committee chairs and is more than 50-percent multicultural. Phyllisann Fobian of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare accepted the award on the region’s behalf.

NEW Florida was recognized for financial excellence, as the region has continually looked at its budgets and adjusted accordingly, costing out each event and discussing P&L with the entire regional officer team. Heidi Dodge of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare accepted the award.

The award for operational achievement was presented to NEW Northern California. The large region maintains peak efficiency through cloud sharing and close collaboration as they focus on engagement and leadership development throughout the Bay Area. Paulina Lee of Procter & Gamble accepted the award on behalf of NEW Northern California.

NEW Twin Cities was recognized for outstanding work in college outreach. The region created seven events in 2017, providing industry expertise to program at Minnesota, Concordia and St. Catherine universities. Accepting the award was Valerie Conard of Target.

The winner of the mentoring excellence award was presented to NEW Northwest Arkansas, which revamped its mentoring program to focus on small group discussions rather than one-and-one pairings. Attendance has increased at each mentoring event, which covers three topics led by a subject matter expert. The award was accepted by Stacey Bishop of Hallmark.

The award for events and programming excellence was presented to NEW Greater Philadelphia, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last fall by inviting the region’s founding members to share their insights and offered a panel discussion featuring six high-level senior executives. This spring, two of the region’s largest companies to presented TED-style talks. Katie Wallace of PepsiCo Inc. accepted the award.

NEW Chicago was honored with year’s award for outstanding work in social media and public relations. The region, whose leaders meet monthly to plan content, has been covered by the Chicago Tribune and other media. Megan McKellen of Mars Wrigley Confectionery accepted the award.

The honoree for achievement in sponsorship and fundraising was NEW Cincinnati. The region has an onboarding process for each new sponsor that builds a strong partnership and often leads to NEW members volunteering for regional service. Kroger’s Jill McIntosh accepted the award for NEW Cincinnati.

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