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Summit Speaker Series: 9 ways to propel your career

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“Today, I want you to dream big — and think about what you want,” women’s career expert Kathryn Heath, Ph.D. told online attendees during Class 6 of the NEW Summit Speaker Series, July 19, 2017.

Heath, founding partner of Flynn Heath Hold Leadership, shared career strategies for tapping into your passion, breaking rules for personal growth and remaining true to yourself and your values during “Ambition and the Passion to Grow.” “The world will be a better place if there are more women leaders,” Heath said. “And we’ve got to support each other in getting there.”

Heath offered NEW members these career-propelling strategies:

Encourage other women. “If we help each other and tell each other ‘You can do [it],’ women are more likely to be ambitious,” Heath said.

Take a pause. “Great leaders are very self-aware — and how you build self-awareness is you reflect,” Heath noted, asking the webinar attendees to write down the three strengths of which they are proudest.

Find your light. “Women really struggle to take center stage,” Heath said. “They focus on other people and they don’t take the spotlight. And they need to.”

Build your board. “This is a board that doesn’t meet — they don’t even know they’re on your board,” Heath explained, suggesting mentors, buddies, significant others, close relations, those who are in your corner. “You go to them as you make career decisions, and you talk to them.”

Proceed until apprehended. Women too often check in cautiously, Heath said, noting a frequent consequence: “We hear about what women are not doing.”

Don’t be modest. Heath encouraged listeners to project personal power — including sharing what they’ve done. “If you don’t tell people your accomplishments, they don’t know,” Heath said.

Be politically savvy. “Are there things you could do that would help you influence?” Heath asked. “Build relationships. Get to know people. Get to ‘the meeting before the meeting.’”

Play to win. “Women play it very safe,” Heath remarked. “You have to figure out what it is you want to do, and go ask. Go for it.”

Be bold. “Courage is a muscle. If you’re courageous, you’ll build that muscle.”

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