Take risks, break the rules (wisely)

Take risks, break the rules (wisely)

“The only way to achieve breakthrough growth is to think differently,” Lyné Brown, vice president, e-commerce channel at The Clorox Company, told more than 200 NEW members during the NEW Leadership Academy webinar “Breaking the Rules,” June 2, 2016.

Brown joined Erin Dyer, vice president of corporate retail operations at The Kroger Co., to share advice on risking taking. “I never thought of breaking the rules as a philosophy,” Brown explained. “I just do it when it’s the right thing to do.”

For Dyer, rule breaking doesn’t mean creating chaos. “Let the customer determine where the rules should be broken,” she advised.

Wise rule breakers consider their organization — and the big picture, she added. "Know the whole puzzle. If you're breaking rules, it's probably going to be uncomfortable for management.

Understand what motivates your boss and the people above you, Brown agreed. "Effective rule breaking requires earning trust and knowing the boundaries. Is pushing the boundaries going to be good for my team? I want to make sure I'm protecting my people."

Seizing small opportunities can make a great impact, Dyer noted. "Don't expect a big sign to say 'This is a rule to be broken."

Brown urged NEW Leadership Academy participants to "be brave to be your best self.”

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