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‘Women, invest in yourself,’ small biz expert says

"Women struggle with investing in themselves — but those who do power through, and the results are remarkable," Jennifer Love, CEO of One More Woman, told participants during the second NEW Small Business Leadership webinar, Oct. 12, 2016.

Love joined session facilitator Debbie Wildrick, chief strategy officer of MetaBrand, for "Financial Acumen and Strategies: When and How," to share strategies for raising money.

Raising money for a small business is a full-time job, Wildrick said. "Plan your tactical execution," she advises, "and dedicate one person to be focused on raising money. Raising money is a sales pitch.”

"Be clear about strategy, financials and how to accomplish your plan," Love added. "Come from a place of strength and preparation. It's not just about knowing your business. It's about the confidence you have in it."

Women-run businesses tend to generate less revenue, Love said, because women are more risk-averse. "And we lack mentorship. We need to support each other!"

One hurdle to advancing women and female-owned small businesses: sexual harassment. "We have to start talking about these obstacles," Love emphasized. "Women need to fully own our worth to break through that glass ceiling."