Women possess unique leadership traits, IT pros say

Women possess unique leadership traits, IT pros say

Two women working at computer

Women have a distinct set of leadership traits that can help build and lead more diverse teams, according to 76 percent of IT professionals surveyed by Deloitte and Tech Republic.

"The presence of women in leadership is correlated with higher financial performance, better team dynamics and higher productivity," said Deloitte Principal Kavitha Prabhakar, who participated in the “Smashing IT's Glass Ceiling: How Women Succeed and Why It Matters" webinar, April 5. Kavitha is co-author of Deloitte’s “Smashing IT’s Glass Ceiling” report.

Companies are recognizing the business benefits of gender diversity, according to the survey of 2,220 IT professionals participating in webinar. Six in 10 agreed their organization “understands the business case for a more gender-diverse workforce and has taken steps to increase diversity.” These steps include eliminating biases, blinding resumes and targeting recruiting efforts.

The companies’ efforts to increase gender diversity appear to be making a difference in the workplace. Nearly half of those surveyed believe gender parity is increasing at all levels of IT.