Women are assigned and complete more work than men do. They communicate more, too.
Working in an inclusive work culture cultivates employees’ brilliance, according to executive and life coach Simon T. Bailey, the closing keynote speaker at the NEW Leadership Summit 2018, Sept. 28 in Chicago.
Women depend too much on performance to get ahead, Harris told NEW Summit attendees.
The NEW Awards celebrated the achievements of more than 800 volunteers.
'Power is not given, it's taken,' Galán told 1,200 NEW Leadership Summit attendees.
To keep women from leaving their jobs, companies must do a better job of supporting and developing them.
"No one person or organization can advance all women," NEW CEO Alter says.
New insights, learning events and advocacy program on tap.
Until women have as much money as men, there will be no gender equality, Ellevest CEO says
Regional leaders celebrate official launch at NEW Leadership Summit.

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