Webinar: The People We Mean to Be

Jeanna Marinelli Headshot


Wednesday, February 19, 2020
12 - 12:45 PM CT

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There is often a stark difference between the people we mean to be and the impact we have on those around us. In this session, we will practice noticing where unconscious bias and systemic racism show up in our lives. We will use growth mindset to notice how our intentions to be seen as "good people" prevent us from becoming better


Featured Panelist:

Jeana Marinelli is a leadership development professional with more than fourteen years of experience helping people, teams, organizations, and communities grow. She coaches individuals at all levels and in all sectors across the country. She also designs and leads dynamic and thoughtful learning experiences that push, stretch, and challenge leaders to be the very best versions of themselves—and to unleash their capacity to help others do the same.

Jeana has a B.A. in Health and Humanity and Visual Culture from the University of Southern California, a M.S. in Teaching from Pace University, and a M.A. in Educational Leadership as a part of the Broad Residency in Urban Education. She is a certified trainer for the Vital Smarts Influencer model, a powerful and portable approach to drive behavior change within small teams and across entire organizations. As a graduate of the Teleos Coach Development Program, she is in the process of completing the International Coach Federation (ICF) certification. Several extraordinarily leadership masters, including Dr. Linda Belans, Dr. Dolly Chugh, Dr. Warren Bennis, and Dr. David Maxfield, have directly informed her approach to leadership development as mentors and champions. She fell in love with the process of helping people grow as a middle school science teacher in New York City.

From the aspiring manager to the experienced executive, Jeana has facilitated learning experiences for thousands of leaders and has coached over 1,200 hours. Her most recent clients are Deloitte, KIPP School Leadership Programs, KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship, Alpha Public Schools, Teach For America, Rural School Leadership Academy, Spring Branch Independent School District, Schoolzilla, and Education Super Highway.