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How NEW members face the challenges and joys of life and work

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“Allow people around you to help build out the right plan.”
“You’re going to face ups and downs, but that’s where learning occurs.”
Senior Account Executive for Merchant Sales North America
“The failure reminded me that I know what I’m doing.”
Vice President, Head of Retail for North America Digital Business Services
“I was the first executive leader in my company to have a baby.”
Vice President and General Manager of the Target Team
“Run toward something that makes you feel uncomfortable.”
President, Global 7-Eleven
“I heard the self doubt, so I changed the script.”
Founder and CEO
“They called me the ‘N’ word. But I never answered to it.”
“I said, ‘I don’t do numbers.’ My team said, ‘learn.’”
Managing Director
“Mom said, ‘Build yourself a family at work.’ So I did.”
Managing Director
“They called me a ‘troublemaker.’ Now, I own it.”