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EVP, Food
Sometimes, you just need to wait for the right opportunity to come along. Charles Redfield, EVP of Food, Walmart U.S., shares his perspective on taking on new opportunities.
SVP, Private Brands
Karen Stuckey is the SVP, Private Brands/Sourcing General Merchandise at Walmart, and in this film she tells spouses to be present and truly listen to one another regardless of your ego or position.
SVP of Digital Brands Walmart, Founder Bonobos
Andy Dunn, SVP for Consumer Digital Brands at Walmart has learned that he hasn't always created a level playing field for women. Listen to Andy discuss how he discovered that advancing women is just as important as praising them in the workplace.
When confronted with a challenging situation early in her career, Tara Jaye Frank, CEO of TJF Career Modeling, tried taking the easy way out. Fortunately for her, a mentor leaned in and taught her a winning attitude instead.
Founder and CEO
When life throws you its absolute worst, your attitude is everything. Trudy Bourgeois, Founder and CEO of The Center for Workforce Excellence, shares a powerful moment growing up in the segregated South.
Managing Director
Hala Hanna is the Managing Director at MIT Solve. Early on in her career she learned that it’s better to challenge the status quo to do what’s right, regardless of what others think of you.
VP of Sales - Walmart Team
"Probably the best thing I've done here for my professional career was join the Network of Executive Women."
VP of Sales
"Nothing can stop you, when you decide to put your mind to something."
Principal, Client Solutions Lead
Program Engagement Consultant
"A lot of my career success has come from the platform of Network of Executive Women."

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