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How NEW members face the challenges and joys of life and work

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President, Global 7-Eleven
“I heard the self doubt, so I changed the script.”
Founder and CEO
“They called me the ‘N’ word. But I never answered to it.”
“I said, ‘I don’t do numbers.’ My team said, ‘learn.’”
Managing Director
“Mom said, ‘Build yourself a family at work.’ So I did.”
Managing Director
“They called me a ‘troublemaker.’ Now, I own it.”
General Manager, Head of Americas Sales
“Wonder Woman is more than a myth. It’s a fallacy.”
Program Manager, Strategic Technology Partnerships,
"Sometimes you won’t make the right career move — but it doesn’t have to define you."
Founder and CEO
"The last few years have been a journey, marked by a divorce, a car accident that took the life of my mother and losing my job."
Human Resources Business Partner
"On February 5, 2016, my life was forever changed. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer."
Customer Account Lead for Kroger
"In the span of four years, I moved three times. And each move pushed my career forward."