Our Stories

“I said, ‘I don’t do numbers.’ My team said, ‘learn.’”
Managing Director
“Mom said, ‘Build yourself a family at work.’ So I did.”
Managing Director
“They called me a ‘troublemaker.’ Now, I own it.”
General Manager, Head of Americas Sales
“Wonder Woman is more than a myth. It’s a fallacy.”
Program Manager, Strategic Technology Partnerships, Authorize.net
"Sometimes you won’t make the right career move — but it doesn’t have to define you."
Founder and CEO
"The last few years have been a journey, marked by a divorce, a car accident that took the life of my mother and losing my job."
Human Resources Business Partner
"On February 5, 2016, my life was forever changed. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer."
Customer Account Lead for Kroger
"In the span of four years, I moved three times. And each move pushed my career forward."
Director, National Retail Sales West
"Why do women have to jump off the career track to handle family responsibilities?"
Senior Business Process Analyst, Delivery Management
"I have had some great mentors and leaders who have created environments for me where if I stumbled, it was okay."

How NEW members face the challenges and joys of life and work