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How NEW members face the challenges and joys of life and work

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Supervisor, Product Safety Analysis and Reporting
"Karate has helped me see myself as the strong person other people see. It’s also helped me to better digest personal critiques."
Sales Capability Manager
"My advice for other working moms is be true to yourself. Go for that promotion or job, but be realistic about what you can handle with the resources you have."
Account Executive
"I believe that changes in corporate culture that may be geared toward millennials — flexible work options, new technology, increased transparency — will benefit all employees."
Director, Diversity Outreach and Inclusion
“I’m fortunate my boss is one of my male champions and mentors. He challenges me to think about what is standing in the way of my success and helps elevate my game.”
R&D Scientist
"Gender and racial bias are in every facet of life. As a woman, it is important to see people in leadership roles who look like you."
Group Vice President
"I’ve never felt there was a role that was off limits because of my gender. I’ve always believed I could absolutely strive for any position. The minute you think gender is a limiting factor, it will be."