Our Stories

Director of International Logistics
"I learned that asking questions, even if I perceived them to be 'stupid,' was necessary for me to succeed."
"Erasing decades of conscious and unconscious biased behavior must come from the highest levels of an organization."
Executive Director, Procurement and Energy/Sustainability Management
"Being a double minority in this industry sometimes makes me a novelty in the room. But I’ve been unfazed by the obstacles."
Retail Category Account Executive
"I’m working to become more aware of how I judge others and to keep my own biases in check."
Brand Manager
"I’ve worked for incredible managers and have been guided by astounding mentors."
Vice President, Procurement, Indirect
"I have often been one of very few females, and, in most cases, the only woman of color, in the room."
Sales Strategy & Planning Manager
"I have experienced three corporate reorganizations. It's important to understand how to navigate transition."
Director, Section Sales
"When I was promoted to my first line-manager position, I was the only female. Wanting to be accepted, I wore pants suits."
Supervisor, Product Safety Analysis and Reporting
"Karate has helped me see myself as the strong person other people see. It’s also helped me to better digest personal critiques."
Sales Capability Manager
"My advice for other working moms is be true to yourself. Go for that promotion or job, but be realistic about what you can handle with the resources you have."

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