Paulina Lee

“As millennials have entered the workplace, there have been more conversations about how this generation is different from others. Companies are more focused on understanding millennials' priorities and motivations. It seems millennials are often stereotyped to be job hoppers, lazy and selfish.

I believe millennials have a different definition of careers and work/life balance. For example, technology has enabled the workday to be 24/7. As long as you have an internet connection, it’s very easy to work flexible hours or remotely. However, not being in the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. may come off as lacking work ethic.

Corporate culture isn’t just about a specific group, but the total organization. I truly believe that changes in corporate culture that may be geared toward millennials — flexible work options, adopting new technology, increased transparency — will benefit all employees. At P&G, I have seen initial shifts in culture in these areas. So, I’m very grateful for the amazing people I work with and to have the autonomy to own my work and my career.

It’s just as important for millennials to recognize what we need to do to succeed. Millennials are a very vocal generation because we’ve always had the stage of social media to voice our opinions. My advice for millennials is to listen and be willing to learn. Though we may have ideas about changing processes or introducing new technologies, it’s important to first understand the full picture, be willing to learn from past decisions and master fundamental skills. Then we’ll have more credibility to be able to better influence and help provide recommendations for the future."

Account Executive
Procter & Gamble