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NEW Chicago Board Members

Tiffany Menyhart

Executive Co-Chair

Tiffany Menyhart, Kraft Heinz Company
Emma Smith

Executive Co-Chair

Emma Smith, PepsiCo, Inc. - PBNA
Julie Basile

Region Executive Advisor

Julie Basile, Network of Executive Women
Emily Launer

Operations Officer

Emily Launer, Accenture
Michelle Turner

Operations Officer

Michelle Turner, Accenture
Katie Strohman

Finance Officer

Katie Strohman, Deloitte
Jennifer Maresca

Growth & Development Officer

Jennifer Maresca, Walgreens
Lauren Hilton

Communications Officer

Lauren Hilton, PepsiCo, Inc. - PBNA
KL Daly

Programming Officer

KL Daly, Athena International (Chicago)
Sheila Lukaszewski

Programming Officer

Sheila Lukaszewski, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Susan Golden

Partnership Officer

Susan Golden, Golden Leadership, LLC