Rick Gillis

“Many people have influenced the type of business leader I’ve become.
I’ve been inspired by my parents, who modeled an uncompromising value system and servant leadership. I’ve also been inspired throughout my career by many women colleagues, but no one has had more impact on my ability to understand the detrimental effect of unconscious bias than my amazing wife, Diana. She has courageously fought her own personal and professional battles and has been instrumental in helping me to shape the lens through which I see gender inequality.
I’ve also learned from talented leaders who helped me understand the importance of developing both my IQ and my EQ and demonstrated how character plays a role in a person’s success. Unmatched integrity, ethics, humility, gratitude and the ability to forgive are leadership traits that contribute to an organization’s ongoing growth and development. I’ve witnessed talented, highly educated people fail because they compromised on these critical beliefs and behaviors.
Erasing decades of conscious and unconscious biased behavior must come from the highest levels of an organization. Nothing has more impact than when each individual takes personal responsibility for supporting the recruitment, development and retention of a talented and diverse workforce that truly represents a company’s customers and the communities where employees live and work.”  


Young's Market Company